Friday, May 29, 2009


Believe. What an exceptionally powerful word! Take a moment to think about the implications, meanings, interpretations, uses, definitions. A person can believe in something, believe in themselves, believe that everything happens for a reason, believe in the power of positive thinking.

Just one word, all by itself, is completely positive in nature. Is there any context within which the word believe is used that is not positive? Try to think of an example. You can't, because of the power behind the word.

Whatever your goals or ambitions, if you believe - truly and genuinely believe - you can accomplish anything, overcome any obstacle, cross any bridge, conquer any problem, achieve any goal.

Faith plays a big role also; but now take a moment to think about that. You have to believe to have faith. One could say that you have to have faith in order to believe. In many instances, the two are synonymous. Just a quick glance at a dictionary and you will see that each references the other.

I personally have a great fondness for the word believe. It is my mantra, something I incorporate into everything I do and in how I think. Of course you can't simply walk around just saying the word. But combine that belief - in the word believe - with a positive attitude, determination and persistence, and you'll find that the world will open up to you. Whatever insecurities, doubts, inhibitions or fears that you face in life, in your career, in your goals -will simply be exonerated if you just believe.

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