Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That and Which

That is used to introduce essential phrases.
Which is used to introduce non-essential phrases.

"The book that I referenced last week would be helpful."

That introduces an essential phrase. We don't know which book is being referred to without the essential phrase of "that I referenced last week."

"The book on grammar, which I referenced last week, would be helpful."

Which introduces a non-essential phrase. "The book on grammar would be helpful," still makes sense without the non-essential phrase of "which I referenced last week."


What that is describing cannot be removed or the sentence will not make sense or convey the desired meaning.

That is used with essential phrases.

"He attends a college that offers classes he needs to obtain his degree."

"He attends a college," does not convey the complete meaning of the sentence - "that offers classes he needs to obtain his degree" is an essential phrase.

"She enjoys books that are full of suspense."

"She enjoys books," is not the point - "that are full of suspense" is an essential phrase.


What which is describing can be removed and the meaning of the sentence will make sense and will convey the desired meaning.

Which is used with non-essential phrases and is usually surrounded by commas.

"She wrote a blog, which included pertinent information, that was helpful to many readers."

"She wrote a blog that was helpful to many readers" still conveys the desired meaning - without the non-essential phrase of "which included pertinent information."

"His books, which contain much detail, are very popular."

"His books are very popular" relays the same message - without the non-essential phrase "which contain much detail."



What that describes is an essential phrase.

Removing what that is describing, results in the sentence not making sense or not conveying the desired meaning.

What which describes is a non-essential phrase.

Which is almost always surrounded by commas.

Removing what which is describing results in the sentence still making sense and still conveying the desired meaning.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Spelling Challenge

Fun Friday

There was such a favorable response to last week's Fun Friday, we're going to do it again and top off the week with another spelling challenge!

Here are today's words. The answers are below, but remember...



1. acommodate, accommodate, accomodate

2. guarantee, gaurantee, guarentee

3. harassment, harrassment, harrasment

4. judgement, jugment, judgment

5. lisence, license, liscence

6. manuever, manuver, maneuver

7. ocurrance, occurrence, occurance

8. perserverence, perseverence, perseverance

9. restaurant, restuarant, resteraunt

10. supercede, superceed, supersede


dacquiri, daiquiri, daquiri

If spell all the words correctly, you get a GOLD STAR!

Gold Star

And, spell the bonus word correctly and you also get the prized, very special, Crystal Clear Proofing PURPLE star!

Purple Star


1. accommodate
2. guarantee
3. harassment
4. judgment
5. license
6. maneuver
7. occurrence
8. perseverance
9. restaurant
10. supersede

BONUS WORD: daiquiri

Everyone have a wonderful weekend - and remember to SMILE!
It's contagious!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Affect and Effect

The confusion between these two words comes mainly from the fact that affecting something leads to an effect.

For example, "how were you affected," and "what was the effect on you?" mean almost exactly the same thing.

Her statement affected the way I felt about that topic.
Her statement effectively changed the way I felt about that topic.

*To affect something is to change or influence it.
*To effect something is a more formal way of saying "to make it happen."

When you affect something, you produce an effect on it.

So how do we know when to use which word?
First let's take a look at their meanings:


Affect is a verb with several meanings, but most generally you will find it infers to influence.

To influence something rather than cause. It's used as a noun to express emotion.

Think of the "a" in affect and think of "action," (verb).

1. To have an influence on, or contribute a change in:

The computer problems affected her productivity.
Her productivity affects us all.

2. To touch or move; to act on the emotions of:

They were all affected by her poor work habits.
The passing of the new law affected everyone.

3. To simulate:

She affected a British accent for the role in the movie.


Effect is most commonly used as a noun, again with several meanings:

1. Result, influence - something brought about or caused by someone or something:

What effect did her poor work habits have on her co-workers?
The new rules go into effect tomorrow.

2. Something that gives the impression/sense of something else:

Wearing dark colors give the effect of being slimmer.
That was said just for effect.

3. Belongings

Upon release from the hospital, they returned her personal effects.

*Result, to cause, to accomplish, to bring about - or when preceded by a, an, any, the, take, into and no. (These words may be separated from effect by an adjective). In some of the examples given below, I've italicized these words. If, in a sentence you have one of the above words, you know you should be using effect.

- She found an effective way to explain the subject to the class.
- The new law goes into effect tomorrow.
- Take into effect what this means to the economy.


When a sentence calls for a noun, you want to use effect, (effect is only used as a verb when it has a direct object and only when you mean to bring about, or to lead to).

When you need to use a verb, you'd use affect. Think of the 'a' in affect as an action word, or verb.

A mnemonic which provides an easy way to remember which is a noun and which is a verb, is to keep in your mind an easy noun - any one will do, for example, the word "WORD." Just think of the fact that WORD is "A Very Easy Noun." Now of course you're wondering where I'm going with this. The first letters: A Very Easy Noun (A - V - E - N) are the same as Affect - Verb, Effect - Noun.

You may find it easier just to remember that statement: A Very Easy Noun.

Examples of using both affect and effect in the same sentence:

- The effectiveness (result) of the company's new management affected (influenced) its employees.

- Wearing dark colors had the effect of making her appear slimmer, which had a positive affect on her mood.

- The new rules go into effect tomorrow, and will affect everyone.

- The state of the economy has affected many people, effectively resulting in less spending by consumers.

Affect and Effect are two words that cause problems for many people. But with a little practice, and keeping in mind your intent and whether your sentence requires a noun or a verb will (hopefully!) help you master the difference between them!

Monday, September 21, 2009



Introducing...the Blogosphere Award!
An original, new award designed and created by Crystal Clear Proofing!

There have been a lot of awards circulating lately, due in part to the amazing talent of Chris at CC-Chronicles, who created three outstanding awards, which were unveiled last Friday and given in recognition, appreciation and acknowledgement, and also as a sort of final curtain call to BBAW. I credit her with the inspiration I felt to create this award.

I enjoyed Book Blogger Appreciation Week. It made me think of how we're all in this "blogging world" together. There are several different genres and types of blogs, and topics for them. But the one thing we all have in common is - blogging. We share ideas, visit sites and discover new ones, leave comments, and meet some truly wonderful people. I thought it would be great to create something to commemorate that.

I would love to someday see this award on every blog!

It's purpose is simply to acknowledge what we all have in common, and spread some HAPPY! It's exciting to receive an award! You're being given a gift, you're being recognized, appreciated. You're being thought of. And it's FUN! Who doesn't like any of those things?

The rules of this award are simply to acknowledge from whom you received it, and pass it on to people you think would like to have it, for whatever reason you want, or for no special reason at all! Don't NOT pass this, or any award for that matter, on to someone just because they already have one of that award. Receving more than one of any award is an incredible compliment and honor! Being thought of always makes a person feel good!

We're all SHARING when we blog. So please spread this around! Share it with others, the way you share with everyone every time you post on your blog! Spread some HAPPY! Unite in what we all share and have in common...the Blogosphere!

To begin its spin through the Blogosphere, I'm presenting this award to the following individuals:

Diane - Spunk On A Stick
Chris - CC-Chronicles
Jo-Jo - Jo-Jo Loves to Read
Not Nessie - Today's Adventure
Marvin - The Old Silly
Carolyn - The Frugal, Smart and Tuned-in Editor

(If your name is not listed, rest assured there will be more presented! Just giving others a chance to give). And...

You just never know when you might receive a Blogosphere!

An award post seemed an appropriate place to pass on the
Dragon's Loyalty Award.


I received this award Friday from Chris (along with The Quest Award), and also from Diane yesterday, when she passed it on to me. Thank you, ladies!

Now each of you below have recevied this award already, but you consistently visit my blog, and I sincerely appreciate your support!

Chris - CC-Chronicles
Diane - Spunk On A Stick
Marvin - The Old Silly

So, "doubling up" and "bouncing back" this award, I'm honoring you again!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Spelling Challenge

I thought a quickie post of commonly misspelled words would be perfect for
Fun Friday

Test your spelling skills! The answers are listed below, but NO PEEKING!

1) independent, indipendent, independant

2) questionaire, questionare, questionnaire

3) brocolli, broccolli, broccoli

4) recomend, recommend, reccomend

5) sincerely, sinserely, sincerly

6) kindergarden, kindegarten, kindergarten

7) ocassion, occasion, occassion

8) aparently, apparantly, apparently

9) desperately, desperatly, desparately

10) separetly, seperately, separately

11) concionse, conscience, consciounce


** electrolumenecense, electroluminescence, electrolumenesence


1) independent
2) questionnaire
3) broccoli
4) recommend
5) sincerely
6) kindergarten
7) occasion
8) apparently
9) desperately
10) separately
11) conscience

** electroluminescence

If you got the bonus word correct, you get a GOLD STAR! Photobucket

Better yet, a gold star and a PURPLE star! Photobucket

I just had to throw that bonus word in. It was the winning word that yours truly spelled correctly in a spelling bee that was held a few years ago to benefit the local literacy council in my community.

(I didn't get a purple star though...)


I am again honored by Chris at CC-Chronicles in being presented with the "Dragon's Loyalty Award." Chris created this award herself, and in her words, is " award for the loyal fan/commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just a someone who follows and comments regularly."

I've already added it to the right under "Awards." Take a peek - isn't it beautifully done? Stay tuned - I will be passing this award on in the near future!

after reading Chris's comment here ---

I am also the recipient of "The Quest Award," given to "new" bloggers! I am just SO thrilled - honored - and very humbled.

What a fantastic day this is! "Friday Fun" sure ended up to be a good idea for today's post!! WOO HOO!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I am very proud and honored to have been given this Honest Scrap award by Chris at CC Chronicles. It's to acknowledge those whose blogs are "from the heart."

Save the image and upload it onto your blog page, pass it on to seven bloggers and then list ten things about yourself that others may - or may not know.

I've chosen the following bloggers for their always interesting, entertaining and "from the heart," posts. I always enjoy my visits to their sites!

Diana: Women's Wednesday Weblink
Mary: Cynthia's Attic
(Note: Both Diana and Mary have more than one blog - including WOOF - they are all noteworthy!)
Alan: A Million Blogging Monkeys
Chantele: Always something to read

I'd like to add that my list includes the following bloggers, who have already been given this award on it's current tour around the blogosphere, in other words, others have beaten me to it! Although they've already been given the award, I felt obliged to mention them as well!

Consider yourselves "doubly-awarded!"

Elizabeth: Mystery Writing is Murder,
Marvin: The Old Silly, and
Jo-Jo: Jo-Jo Loves To Read

Ten things about me:

- My favorite word is "Believe."
- I am a certified cat lover. Just adore those little furries!
- I hate spiders.
- I have a terrible fear of fire - even the flames of candles make me nervous.
- I am addicted to Mega-Double Lollies.
- My favorite food is salad.
- I love coffee (although I drink decaf - I still drink it all day).
- I also love espresso. I have a mug of that every morning, then on to the decaf.
- I love the old B&W movies from the 30s and 40s.
- My favorite color is purple.

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