Friday, September 25, 2009

Spelling Challenge

Fun Friday

There was such a favorable response to last week's Fun Friday, we're going to do it again and top off the week with another spelling challenge!

Here are today's words. The answers are below, but remember...



1. acommodate, accommodate, accomodate

2. guarantee, gaurantee, guarentee

3. harassment, harrassment, harrasment

4. judgement, jugment, judgment

5. lisence, license, liscence

6. manuever, manuver, maneuver

7. ocurrance, occurrence, occurance

8. perserverence, perseverence, perseverance

9. restaurant, restuarant, resteraunt

10. supercede, superceed, supersede


dacquiri, daiquiri, daquiri

If spell all the words correctly, you get a GOLD STAR!

Gold Star

And, spell the bonus word correctly and you also get the prized, very special, Crystal Clear Proofing PURPLE star!

Purple Star


1. accommodate
2. guarantee
3. harassment
4. judgment
5. license
6. maneuver
7. occurrence
8. perseverance
9. restaurant
10. supersede

BONUS WORD: daiquiri

Everyone have a wonderful weekend - and remember to SMILE!
It's contagious!



  1. Hey this is a great idea as i am a very bad speller. These are words that we just take for granted and really are not aware how just how easy it is to mispell. Just read anything i write and you will probably see that my spelling is not really good.

  2. Drat - got the ten right but missed the bonus word. Didn't know there was that "i" in the first syllable. Oh well - so what do I get as a consolation prize?

    The Old Silly

  3. Anonymous (Meri) - glad you like the spelling challenge! And thanks for following and stopping by!!

    Marvin - You get a GOLD STAR when you get the ten words!! You just don't get the super-special, highly-coveted Crystal Clear Proofing PURPLE star if you miss the bonus word. LOL!

  4. Drat. I HATE 2nd best! lol - hey I'll have to do a shout out on your blog one of my Friday Friends Blog feature days. Good stuff here!

    The Old Silly

  5. I got the words correct! Except for the bonus. :( I don't like words with lots of i's in them...

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. Yikes! Another of my weak (or is that week!) spots...spelling. This is a great exercise, Crystal! I really appreciate your blog...Now to store all this stuff in a safe place in my brain...where I can easily get to it!

  7. Marvin: That would be great! Thanks for thinking of me and for the compliment.

    Elizabeth: Thanks for stopping by - and good job on the words! That last one got a lot of people.

    Diana: It's WEAK (LOL) and thanks so much for the compliment! I'm so happy you enjoy the site! Makes it so worthwhile! :)

  8. Sorry too tired to even try! In a hotel tonight and can't wait to fly home tomorrow...

  9. How do you do that MARVELOUS scroll/script feathered pen thingy writing your post title across the top? That's really cool!

    The Old Silly

  10. I'm behind and just now seeing this. I missed Maneuver but I did get the bonus. What does that say about me..... must like frozen fruity drinks. I'm with Marv, how do you do that fabulous feather thing, it's so cool!


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