Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spelling Challenge

It's been a while since we've warmed up your brain cells with a CCP Challenge! Grab a sticky note and a pen and write down the correct spelling for the ten words below!

(The little peeking furry is still around!)

1. defendent
2. cooly
3. floatation
4. saavy
5. preferrable
6. camoflauge
7. athiest
8. inadvertant
9. hemmorage
10. deterance

Now for the stars! If you spell all ten words correctly, you get the beautiful sparkling gold glitter star! Good Luck!


Whether or not you get your star, everyone gets this spray of PURPLE glitter stars for your efforts! It just wouldn't be right not to have purple stars as part of the Spelling Challenge, now would it?



1. defendant
2. coolly
3. flotation
4. savvy
5. preferable
6. camouflage
7. atheist
8. inadvertent
9. hemorrhage
10. deterrence

So how did you do? Did I stump any of you with number 3? Both flotation and floatation are acceptable forms of the word, with flotation being preferable, and floatation being a variant of.



  1. Seven out of ten, but I didn't even know #2 - never heard it before!

  2. I'll admit I stumbled a bit on #3. Glad to know both forms are "acceptable" - I've always put the "a" in the first syllable, since the word "float" has it in it. Hey - learn somethin everyday on this blog, hmm? (wink)

    Marvin D Wilson

  3. #3 - and how embarrassing because how many times have I heard/read 'floatation device' - hubby is U.S. Coast Guard. Don't tell him!

  4. #3 was the only one that got. I thought it was correct, so I'm glad to know it can be used both ways.


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