Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spelling Challenge

It's time for a Spelling Challenge! So, grab a sticky note and a pen and write down the correct spelling for the ten words below!


1. chauvenism
2. presumtuous
3. aquire
4. irrasible
5. seige
6. nausious
7. misoginy
8. inadvertant
9. diarama
10. liquify

If you spell all ten words correctly, you get the beautiful sparkling gold glitter star! Good Luck!



1. chauvinism
2. presumptuous
3. acquire
4. irascible
5. siege
6. nauseous
7. misogyny
8. inadvertent
9. diorama
10. liquefy

Whether or not you got your star, everyone gets this spray of PURPLE glitter stars for your efforts! Have a marvelous day!



  1. Embarressingly, I missed liquefy! And did I spell 'embarressingly' correctly?

    Also embarressingly, I am just now coming by to pick up my Blogger Purrfection Award. It was awfully sweet of you to create and award and then to think of me! And here I am not returning the kindness by stopping by. NO EXCUSES! Just an 'I'm sorry!' and a 'Thank you!'

    So, I'm sorry. And, thank you.

  2. Thanks, as always, for these little challenges. It's so important to communicate clearly when one writes, and readers do *not* want to be bothered by obvious spelling goofs.

  3. Is it just me or does liquefy just look better misspelled? I missed it and diorama of all things.

  4. Michele: The correct spelling is embarrassingly. :)

    Margot: I'm happy to hear you appreciate the Challenges! Testing your skills is a great exercise and refreshes your knowledge!

    Chris: Yes! I think liquefy looks right the wrong way too! I double-checked it a couple of times, even though I knew it was right! LOL!

  5. Love the spelling challenges. Keeps one on their toes.

  6. Great pick of words this week! Sadly, I missed more that I care to admit.

  7. Pass me a gold star and blue glitter me all over, Crystal! lol, love these weekly challenges - keeps The Old Silly sharp, hmm?

  8. A fun exercise. I'm a decent speller but got a few wrong. My problem is not necessarily misspelling words but rather misuisng them out of context.

    Stephen Tremp

  9. I'll confess that I'd have had a few red squiggly lines had I used all these words in a manuscript.

    (And if you hadn't listed them as misspelled, I might have spelled some of them that way on a first typing. I always get the e/i thing inside out, can't ever rely on ible/able, and ent/ant would probably account for a number of errors when I'm writing.

    The one word I can never get right is bureaucrat

  10. Messed up chauvinism and liquefy, but that was fun!

  11. Not even saying how many I missed or got right. But I love the stars. Especially the purple one :)

  12. Ok I missed diorama, but to be honest I read it a diarrhea. I don’t know why, it doesn’t really look like diarrhea other than it begins with a “d” ends with an “a” and has a couple other letters in common.

  13. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you at Thoughts in Progress.

  14. Thanks for the purple star... (If you've been following my blog you'll know from the pictures taken at my book signings and talks that I ALWAYS wear purple.)
    Editors and proof readers are the unrecognized support structure of books. Without them, books would take authors twice as long to complete.

  15. I missed inadvertent, but since purple is my favorite color, that's okay - I'll take the purple glitter stars!


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