Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Weird Word

Increase your vocabulary with not-very-common and/or not-frequently-used words.

Today's Weird Word is: noologist, and its pronunciation is: noo la jest.

Noologist is a noun meaning: the study of the human mind.

Who better to write a book about the mind than a noologist.



  1. Thanks. I love your site for the great information.

  2. Wow! That's a great word!! And thanks for the pronunciation too - I read it wrongly as in noo-oh-lo-gist!

    Take care

  3. Christine: Aww...thank you1

    Old Kitty: That's how I pronounced it too! Then when I checked the pronunciation I had to double-check it!

  4. Great new word. It's always fun to see what new word you'll feature that I can add to my vocabulary, thanks.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. I love learning new words. This one is fun. I wonder if it's a noologist because we call our minds our noodles? Food for thought. Pardon the pun :)

  6. Ooo, it that what we use our noodle?

  7. CCP - Thanks! You are absolutely right about the value of using precise words, even if they aren't well-known. I like the word noologist just for that reason. I also like words such as cacophony, which is so much more precise and efficient than "a lot of loud noise."

  8. Definitely a great word. When I was a kid, I'd keep a weird words in my notebook and then figure ways to use them in writing or speaking. Made for some interesting reactions, lol! I remember using the word supine once, in a writing exercise. I actually had a teacher's assistant come back with, "this is not a word" and then something about making up stories and not words. Points off on the story. I got a dictionary out and showed her. Don't tell me it's not a word, sheesh.

  9. What a wonderful word! I confess it's new to me, but I intend to drop in casually into conversations.

  10. Mason: My pleasure! I love weird/new words too!

    Karen: A lot of these I get from a site called, "Luciferous Logolepsy," It's an awesome site full of obscure words!

    Carol, Holly, Margot, Elspeth: It IS a neat word, isn't it? I try to find words you might be able to use in your writing...

    Sia: GREAT story! I'd love to know what the teacher said when you showed her the word in the dictionary!

  11. That sounds like a career choice that will never be fulfilled!

  12. So, psychologists study thoughts, and neurologists study the brain...So what is the mind? And why have I never met a nooligist?

    Great word! Thanks, Crystal.

    Emily Dickinson biographer on SouthernCityMysteries

  13. Alex: Right? Sure seems as though there would be a lot to it!

    Michele: A little more information – states that noology is: the science of intellectual phenomena.

  14. Love it! And I think my kids will love the way it sounds, even if the definition isn't quite as fun as the word!

  15. Great word! May have to tease some people I know around here and call them noologist. Doesn't really apply to a person as a title but they won't know that and it will make them crazy...hehehe... ok feeling mischevious today. Can you tell?

  16. Hey, GREAT word! And I love noology... though I would only consider myself an amateur noologist. teehee

  17. Elizabeth: It IS a cool word, isn't it? And I agree, the definition is not nearly as fun as the word!

    CC: You'll definitely start a few interesting conversations!

    Hart: LOL! I think even noologists have to be amateurs, as well. There's a lot "to" the mind...

    I wanted to let everyone know that I spent some time researching this word. It's pronunciation really BUGGED me! I kept thinking of the word, "zoologist," which is pronounced ZOO-AH-LO-GIST. In my opinion, noologist should be pronounced with the same inflection and emphasis on the "AH."

    What I found is that there are conflicting *correct* pronunciations for this word, and NOO-AH-LO-GIST is one of them. So those of us who thought it should be pronounced that way, we can safely go around using that pronunciation!

  18. I'll use it on Craig later and see if he knows it! Probably does - he's a walking dictionary.


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