Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spelling Challenge

It's time for a Spelling Challenge! Grab a cup of java, a sticky note and pen, and write down the correct spelling for the ten words below!


1. amatuer
2. tarrif
3. liason
4. carberator
5. reccommend
6. afficionado
7. athiest
8. comemmorate
9. occurrance
10. viscious

If you spell all ten words correctly, you get the beautiful sparkling gold glitter star! Good Luck!



1. amateur
2. tariff
3. liaison
4. carburetor
5. recommend
6. aficionado
7. atheist
8. commemorate
9. occurrence
10. vicious

Whether or not you got your star, everyone gets this spray of PURPLE glitter stars for your efforts!

Have a HAPPY day!



  1. Purple stars AGAIN. Sigh. One day I WILL get the gold :)

  2. Yay!!! I love my stars - thank you (I got frazzled with occurance/occurence but I blame my steamed up glasses. Ahem.). Take care

  3. Seven... That's why I love SpellCheck and my editor!

  4. Carol: ♥ I love that you all try for the gold!

    OK: Isn't it fun that sparkly stars still make us happy? :)

    Diane: With spell check not always catching must have a pretty good editor, you speak so highly of them. ♥

    Holly and Alex: GOOD FOR YOU! Great job!!

  5. Crystal, this is great. You are so right, the computer does not catch and correct all mis-spelled words. How about those homophones and homomyns (same sound words)? The computer does not correct them at all, so wrote a book about them. Witch - which should I do? Their - there is a reason and need four - for such a book. There are hundreds of such words within our English language. I am a lousy speller and got purple stars, sob.

  6. 5 out of 10 :-(
    But, English is my second language, (the first being Finnish) so I hope that counts for something. And I know what these words mean :-D


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