Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy "Words Matter Week!"

It's hard to believe it's been an entire year since we last recognized and celebrated Words Matter Week! This is a day of great importance no only to those of us working in the writing, editing or publishing professions, but to everyone. If words didn't matter, we'd all be reading material with misspellings, grammar and punctuation faux paus, poor structure — and I shudder to think what syntax would be like! The importance of words and the proper use of then is important, but without proper syntax, much of what we'd be reading simply wouldn't make sense.

Take an extra moment during this week to be grateful for the references you use in your writing, and (if applicable) the proofreader or editor who knows words, punctuation, grammar, syntax — and how to make your work shine with the clarity of a diamond!


Have a HAPPY day!


  1. And Happy Words Matter Week back to you!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Words are so very important in our lives. Hope all is well with you.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Happy Words Matter Week to you too!! Yay!! Take care

  4. I'm so thankful to those of you who continue to stop by when I manage to squeeze in a new post! It means a LOT to me! ♥

    I'm doing well, and I hope everyone is enjoying life and being HAPPY! :)

  5. Hi Crystal! Words Matter Week - thanks for letting me know.


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