Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You've Got "E-mail" or You've Got "Email"?

Last week, the editors of the Associated Press Stylebook created a stir by announcing a change in their recommended spelling: "e-mail" is now "email."

The social media website Mashable implied that the change is long overdue, running the story with the headline "AP Stylebook finally changes 'e-mail' to 'email.'"

On the other hand, the New York Times announced that they'll stick with "e-mail." What this shows is that using a hyphen in "e-mail" is a style choice, and Mashable is more permissive than the Associated Press, which is more permissive than the New York Times when it comes to language change.

When the AP Stylebook editors were asked why they made the change, they said most of their writers already turn in articles with the "email" spelling, and copy editors found "e-mail" increasingly difficult to police. They emphasized that they don't consider themselves to be on the leading edge of language change; instead, they "bow to common usage."

This creates yet another "writer/author preference" as to which version to use. Just remember to be consistent!

Source: GrammarGirl

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  1. Crystal - Oh, good timing for this post! I was trying to decide which one's considered standard, so that I can use that one in my WIP. Thanks!!

  2. This is one that I have trouble with all the time. I never knew which was correct. Thanks so much.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Yes, I went through my WIP the other day and replaced email with e-mail. But in the end, it'll be a publisher's choice, just like AM/am/A.M. or t-shirt/tee-shirt.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  4. Thanks for this! You are so right to point out that whatever form one uses - email/e-mail - consistensy is most important! Happy Spring to you too! take care

  5. Ha! So interesting to actually be able to watch these sea changes happening, yes? Thank you for passing this on!

  6. Thanks for clarifying my confusion.
    Now I know why - and will stick to email from now on as it is easier and quicker.


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