Friday, November 13, 2009

Spelling Challenge

Fun Friday

It's Fun Friday's Spelling Challenge! Also, at the end of this post are the words that were misspelled in the Thorough Thursday Challenge.

Do you have your sticky note and pen ready? Great! Let's get started! Write down the correct spelling for this week's words, and as usual the answers are listed below.


1. vigilent
2. souvenier
3. occurance
4. noticable
5. alledged
6. definately
7. leutenant
8. noticable
9. existance
10. hiararchy


Now lets see if you can add to that collection of virtual stars you have!
As you know, If you spell all 10 words correctly
you get a sparkling GOLD star! (Isn't it pretty?)

Gold Star

If you spell the bonus word correctly
you get the prized, very special, much coveted and very beautiful
Crystal Clear Proofing PURPLE star!
Purple Star

For spelling all the words, including the bonus word correctly
you get a GOLD AND a PURPLE star!
(And you ROCK!)


1. vigilant
2. souvenir
3. occurrence
4. noticeable
5. alleged
6. definitely
7. lieutenant
8. noticeable
9. existence
10. hierarchy


Because this week's bonus word is not all that common, I'm going to just make your day with its pronounciation and definition! Isn't that exciting? (Just play along with me, I'm having fun here...) LOL!

Onomatopoeia is a noun whose meaning is: The formation or use of words such as buzz or murmur that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to. It is pronounced:

So? How'd you do this week? How many of those stunning stars do you get to add to your collection? To those of you who earned stars...


Here is yesterday's Thorough Thursday post in its entirety, with the errors corrected and highlighted in red.


Blogging has become a whole separate world from the internet. Blogging actually came to the surface back in 1983, when it was referred to as "Usenet." It was considered a primary medium for moderated newsgroups which provided an area for posting discussions on virtually any topic, but was moderated by individuals or small groups. It wasn't until 1994, just a few years after the world wide web was created, that blogs evolved into what is more commonly referred to as an "online diary."

Blogging, while starting out slow, has rapidly gained popularity as a tool for many individuals, organizations and corporations, as a medium to stay in touch with and provide a means of creating an information system. On the individual platform, it is a way for average citizens to have a venue to communicate, reach out and provide feedback on practically any subject humanly conceivable.

The term "blog" was derived from what most knew as "web-logs." The term “weblog” meaning a regularly updated collection of links to other sites and comments, was originally coined by Jorn Barger in 1997, though what is commonly understood as blogging began as early as 1996. In May of 1999, Peter Merholz coined the term "blog" in a posting on his personal blog site, by mischievously breaking down the word weblog to "we blog." The "we" was eventually dropped, resulting in the term we are all familiar with: blog.

In broad terms, a blog is commonly thought of as an online journal, though they can range from intimate personal diaries to more journalistic newsletters. Some blogs focus on a narrow selection of topics of interest to the author, while other blogs cover a much wider range of topics.

As always, you all deserve recognition for your efforts! We must continue the tradition of spreading the famous Crystal Clear Proofing HAPPY and award everyone with the SMILEY STAR!


And wishing you all a very



  1. Great list, Crystal!

    Souvenir stumped me. It doesn't look right when it's correct!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. It's only when I stop and think about how to spell a word that I get confused. Usually I have a hearty guess and it seems to come out correctly.

    Auto-correct on MS Word allows people to keep making the same error again and again. Gah! Fun quiz. Fun blog.

  3. Elizabeth: Thanks! Well, you still get that gorgeous PURPLE star! :)

    MJ: That is SO true! Rather ironic how "thinking" sometimes stumps us! I appreciate the compliment on the Challenge and my blog! My objective is to take what many people find a drab subject and have some fun with it. One of the signs on my side bar sums it up: Grammar "stuff" doesn't have to be stuffy! :)

  4. I got the thorough Thursday thingy thoroughly right, but I gotta be honest, "onomatopoeia" is and has always been my achilles heel - I don't care HOW many times I look that word up and try & pound the spelling into my head I always forget it, lol. Oh well - that's what god invented for, eh?

    Marvin D Wilson

  5. I'm with Old Silly. I got the Thursday challenge, no problem and todays words except the bonus. That was a tough one. And thanks for the definition on that one.

  6. This is great! Can I put the stars on my blog? I'm super excited about the "lieutenant" one! I can't tell you how many times I have to correct that on writers at the news station! Just watch your news channel, the supers at the bottom of the screen especially, that word is misspelled A LOT!! Especially in a military-friendly state lik NC, it's a disgrace!

    Thanks, Crystal! So fun!

  7. Marvin: I don't know why this worked for me, but the fact that "a, e, i and o" are at the end of onomatopoeia, although not in order, have helped me remember how to spell it. -?-

    Aren't online dictionaries great? They have that little megaphone so you can "hear" how a word is pronounced - love it! Another good one is "Free Dictionary" - sometimes they have words the other doesn't and vice-versa...

    Chris: Hey thanks for that "thanks!" I thought everyone might appreciate that little tidbit of info!

    Michelle: Absolutely! Please feel free to put those stars on your blog! And I'm SO pleased that you enjoy the Challenges! Who says testing your skills can't be a little fun too? :)

  8. Hehehe! Hurrah for me! (look, I rhyme!) I admit the only reason I got the bonus word is I just used it a few days ago in my WIP. Pure luck.


  9. I got 7 out of 10. I'll be happy with a pat on the back.

    Stephen Tremp


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