Monday, November 30, 2009

Spelling Challenge


Hey! What's the Spelling Challenge doing here on Monday? I decided to test your spelling skills at the beginning of the week rather than at the end! So let's get those brain cells all fired up and see how you do! Get your sticky note and pen, and write down the correct spelling for the ten words below.

(Still loving this little peeking furry!)

1. falascious
2. drunkeness
3. subpeona
4. peurile
5. irrascible
6. deterance
7. viscious
8. afficianado
9. rhythym
10. tarrif

If you spell all ten words correctly, you get the beautiful sparkling gold glitter star! Good Luck!


Whether or not you get your star, everyone gets this spray of PURPLE glitter stars for your efforts! It just wouldn't be right not to have purple stars as part of the Spelling Challenge, now would it?



1. fallacious
2. drunkenness
3. subpoena
4. puerile
5. irascible
6. deterrence
7. vicious
8. aficionado
9. rhythm
10. tariff

Keep a smile on your face, spread some HAPPY, and



  1. Missed a couple, because I didn't even know what the words were!
    (And look - bad grammar. LOL)

  2. Maybe spelling and Mondays don't go good for me. The artwork is cute. Hope you had a good time away, glad you're back.

  3. I console myself by saying 1) odds are, I'm not going to use too many of these in my writing and 2) Spell check will help if I do.

    I'm usually much better. But I take solace in the words of my son's second grade teacher: There is no direct correlation between spelling and intelligence (and I misspelled correlation the first time - thanks for the red squiggly lines!)

  4. OK, I'm being bad. I didn't do the spelling challenge, because I'm short on time. I do love the words you chose and I had to come by and give you some comment love.

  5. OK, I missed 3, one of which I don't think I've ever seen (#4). I am thankful for spellcheck. It wouldn't be fun if they were easy, right?

  6. Does it count if I thought #7 was 'viscous' instead of 'vicious?'

    Glad you're back!


  7. Lesson I have learned today: Elspeth cannot spell on a Monday morning.


  8. I can't believe I actually stumped so many of you with today's words! Do you know how hard that is to do?

    I did throw you a curve with a Challenge first thing on Monday, AND after a holiday weekend! Use that excuse and stick to it! LOL!

  9. I LOVE the spelling challenge!! I am a horrible speller and need all the help I can get. Great idea for a weekly post.


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