Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thoroughness Challenge

Thoroughly Thursday
Thoroughly Thursday is a weekly post consisting of a couple of paragraphs that contain spelling and/or grammatical errors, and your job is to find them. Please do not list the errors you find within the post. The same post is repeated at the end of Fun Friday's Spelling Challenge, with the errors corrected and highlighted in red.

Note: Names and places will NOT be misspelled, nor will there by any changes to punctuation or capitalization. In addition, if there is a word that may have more than one accepted form or there is more than one accepted spelling, those also will not be changed. That would not be fair...the purpose of the Challenge is thoroughness, not technicalities.

This week your Challenge takes a look at the history of the blogs and blogging, and contains 9 errors.
Good Luck!



Blogging has become a hole separate world from the internet. Blogging actually surfaced back in 1983, when it was referred to as "Usenet." It was considered a primary medium for moderated newsgroups which provided an area for posting discussions on virtually any topic, but was moderated by individuals or small groups. It wasn't until 1994, just a few years after the world wide web was created, that blogs evolved into what is more commonly referred to as an online diary.

Blogging, while starting out slow, has rapidly gained popularity as a tool for many individuals, organizations and corporations, as a medium to stay in touch with and provide a means of creating an infomation system. On the individual platform, it is a way for average citizens to have a venue to communicate, reach out and provide feedback on practicaly any subject humanly concievable.

The term blog was derived form what most knew as web-logs. The term weblog meaning a regularly updated collection of links to other sites and comments, was originally coined by Jorn Barger in 1997, though what is commonly understood as blogging began as early as 1996. In May of 1999, Peter Merholz coined the term blog in a posting on his personal blog sight, by mischieviously braking down the word weblog to we blog. The we was eventually dropped, resulting in the term we are all familar with: blog.

In broad terms, a blog is commonly thought of as an online journal, though they can range from intimate personal diaries to more journalistic newsletters. Some blogs focus on a narrow selection of topics of interest to the author, while other blogs cover a much wider range of topics.



Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how
thorough you are!


  1. I was over-ambitious this morning and found ten! But I believe one word doesn't have to be capitalized, so I'll stand at nine.

  2. I didn't find as many as Diane. I believe I need another cup of java. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. You know me, I'm a sucker for these things. I'll be back tomorrow to see how well I did. Found nine right off but I'm gonna have another cup o' Joe & see if there's one of those sneaky little tircks of yours in there! (wink, uh huh - I'm on to you, Crystal)

    Marvin D Wilson

  4. Diane: Capitalization is not altered in the posts. I've added a paragraph at the beginning letting everyone know what is NOT changed by me, including punctuation, names, places, etc. So, you're good to go with the nine you found...if they're the right ones! :)

    Elizabeth and Marvin: Now don't be swayed by Diane's comment - there are only 9 errors.

    You know, these Thursday and Friday posts are a challenge for me too! You guys are so good it's really difficult to try to stump you! :)

  5. Had to read through twice, because I missed one the first time, but I think I have them all.

  6. I love the idea of doing this weekly. What a fun little challenge. I will be checking back to see how many I got right. Thanks!

  7. Chris: Knowing you I'm sure you did! I try to sneak in smaller words since you have said those are the ones you usually "miss!" But you guys are just so good! As I said it's a Challenge for me too! :)

    Alyssa! So nice to have you stop by! In addition to seeing how you did with this Challenge, Friday's post is a Spelling Challenge as well. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  8. This is such fun to do every Thursday! Thanks for providing a means for waking up my brain. I'll see tomorrow if I can do my happy dance...


  9. I think I got 'em! I got 10, but one was a comma in a run-on sentence that really just was bugging me, so really 9... Now to just check that I got the right ones!

  10. Elspeth: I'm so glad you enjoy the Challenges! And I'm sure YOU will be doing that happy dance!

    Hart: I know! Sometimes the sources I get some of my Challenge paragraphs from have punctuation "issues" that I don't agree with! But that can be such a fine line, so as I say at the beginning of the post, rather than the technicalities, I only "mess with" the words! LOL! (And no names or places either.)

  11. I seem to be the latecomer on the challenge, but it's nice to have an evening pick-me-up for the brain! I think I found them all. We'll see tomorrow. And spelling Friday - man it's nice to find a world that understands my love for all things word! Thanks.


  12. Michelle it's so nice to see you here! I'm so glad you like my little corner of the blogosphere! I try to make "all things word" a little fun! Looking forward to your visit tomorrow!

    And thanks for such a nice email! You made my day!


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