Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thoroughness Challenge

Thoroughly Thursday
Thoroughly Thursday is a weekly post consisting of paragraphs that contain spelling and/or grammatical errors, and your job is to find them. Please do not list the errors you find within the post. The same post is repeated at the end of Fun Friday's Spelling Challenge, with the errors corrected and highlighted in red.

Note: Names and places will NOT be misspelled, nor will there by any changes to punctuation. In addition, if there is a word that may have more than one accepted form or there is more than one accepted spelling, those also will not be changed. That would not be fair...the purpose of the Challenge is thoroughness, not technicalities.

This week your Challenge paragraphs continue with the history of blogs and blogging as they evolve and begin to immerge as the blogs we're familiar with today. This week you're looking for 11 errors. Good Luck!


Original weblogs had to be manually updated threw multiple sections of a common website. The creation of the majority of tools that allow authoring and maintainance of articals posted in a reverse chronilogical order, initiated a much easier publishing process, for a less technical, expansive population. The result was the forming of a direct class for what is known as online publishing, which has given us the blogs we see today. Obtaining blog software like WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal are availible through a number of web hosting services. This provides blinding speed and instant reaction to any concern or topic on the "global podium."

Since 2002 blogs have gained notoriaty and credability for there part in braking, shaping and spinning news stories. It has become a way of throwing important infomation into the public limelight. It now, for all intents and purposes, drives mainstream media by forcing them to follow there lead. Blogging has become a priceless tool for quality communication and a way for intelligent people to provide intelligent and valuable insight, opinions and information.

In 1999 new software services like Blogger and LiveJournal were launched, making blogs much simpler to create.

Today, more than one blog is created every second and there are currently over 100,000 million blogs worldwide.


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Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how thorough you are!


  1. Oh, I started out soooo well! Then fizzled. I'll be back tomorrow. This is a great exercise!


  2. Being in the editing phase, I'm glad I remembered to pop over today. However, personal side note. The text and background don't provide enough contrast for my aging, astigmatic eyes, so in order to read the post, i (without thinking) copied and pasted it into Word where I could see it in black on white. Of course, the red squiggly lines showed up, defeating the purpose of the exercise.

    Then again, if we're using Word to write, many of those errors should have already been flagged before we get to the next editing phase, which is looking for grammar and words that are 'right' so Word doesn't catch them, even though they're 'wrong' in context.

  3. Elizabeth: Thank you!

    Diana: Nice to see you again! Been busy with rewrites, I take it? :)

    Terry: Maybe it would work better for you to simply copy and paste the paragraphs into an email, and of course no hitting the spell check button!

  4. Interesting history.

    And that's a lot of blogs! Do you think I need to change the name of my blog to One Hundred Million Blogging Monkeys?

  5. Excuse me, One Hundred Thousand Million Blogging Monkeys.

  6. Interesting post. I really like that you put grammar errors as well as just mispelled words in these. It's it more of a challenge and more fun.

  7. I'm on it! Back tomorrow to collect my medals! (wink)

    The Old Silly

  8. This was great; both for the information and the intellectual exercise. I now feel like the tiniest fish in a very, very big ocean.


  9. This is a great place to hone one's proofreading skills. Obviously. It's national state-the-obvious week in my home.

    I spotted about nine or maybe-ten spelling and grammar wobblies, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I missed!


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