Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday's Weird Word

Wednesday's Word

Wednesday's Word is a weekly feature which gives you the opportunity to grow your vocabulary with a not-very-common and/or not-frequently-used word.

Today's word is: SCUNNER, and its pronounciation is: skun-er.

Scunner is noun, meaning a strong dislike; an aversion.

Personally, I have a definite scunner of spiders.

As a matter of fact, I was going to include a picture of a spider in this post, and I couldn't do it! I didn't want to "see" that all day! *shudder*

So, is there anything or anyone that you take a scunner to?

See you back next Wednesday for another new, weird word!


  1. At the risk of repeating myself:

    I have a scunner of cheese.

    And yes, Crystal, I know what you're thinking: CHEESE SCUNNER would make an excellent book title. (It's a horror story.)

  2. Crystal, I personally have a definite scunner of mice. Don't care how small or large they are. They all fall in the same category - get them away from me.

  3. Alan: Seriously, you need to write humor. Or maybe this is the outlet for that unique humor of yours after being seeped in mystery and intrique with your writing...

    Mason: Yes, I would have to agree. Mice - uh. mice. No spiders! ICK!

  4. Don't the Brits use this term a lot? He's a scunner? As a noun, unlikeable person. Hmm.

    There are people who don't like cheese?!?

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. Well I certainly do NOT take a scunner to weird word Wednesdays! LOL What a cool word - really rolls off the tongue with a sound that emphasizes the meaning.

    Marvin D Wilson

  6. Elizabeth: You're GOOD! Yes, it is used in British English. Same meaning of: an object of dislike; a nuisance.

    Marvin: I'm very glad to hear you don't take a scunner to WWW! The word itself does seem to relay its meaning, doesn't it?

  7. I have a scunner of of camel crickets. Those things are just creepy. Don't they know they are supposed to jump away from you not on you. Ick!!

    LOL, Crystal, when I glanced at your reply to Marvin and my mind saw WWF instead of the WWW. Now WWF is something everyone should take a scunner to.

  8. I have a scunner of crowded stores. Holiday shopping is horrible for me to do lol.

  9. Scunner was a common word in my parents' vocab growing up. It's still prevalent word in Central Scotland.

    We usually use it in the context "that's a scunner" -- denoting more misfortune or bad luck.

  10. CC: Bugs that jump are just so creepy.

    Karen: Having a "thing" about punctuality, I'm with you on the waiting thing. Waiting for someone, waiting in traffic, waiting in line, waiting for - okay. Anything.

    Zia: Crowds make me nervous. That's why I usually have my holiday shopping done WAY ahead of time. Yes...I am DONE with this year's shopping! YAY! Go ahead - envy me! LOL!

    MJ: I was hoping you'd stop by today! I could find only so much info on scunner and its use in British English. I did notice a reference to it being used in Scotland, but (that particular source anyway) did not elaborate.

    Thank you for clarifying and offering more knowledge on this!

  11. I have a scunner for people driving while talking on cell phones!!!

    Ooo, I like that word!

    I like spiders, too - it wouldn't have creeped me out.

  12. Oh yes I do envy you! I have done hardly any shopping. This month was both my kids Bday's so that came first. Now I can start my holiday stuff.


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