Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday's Weird Word

Wednesday's Word

Wednesday's Word will be a weekly feature wherein I'll introduce a not-very-common and/or not-frequently-used word.

Today's Wednesday's Word is: NAUPATHIA.

NAUPATHIA is a noun, whose meaning is: seasickness.

She made sure she took medication with her on her cruise to help with her naupathia.

Try using naupathia in conversations! Have fun with it! See you back next Wednesday for another new, weird word!

Note: The source for many of the words I'll be featuring can be found at Luciferous Logolepsy. They are so obscure, I was actually unable to find some of them at a couple of common online dictionary references, such as The Free This one, however, is listed.


  1. I love that word. I'm working on a new Ember segment and I might have to work that in.

    Thanks for these great words! Your Wednesday word is the best I've seen because your words are so unusual and clever.

  2. Great one! I'll have to use it the next time I'm on a boat. Because I definitely get naupathia.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Interesting - never heard of that one before. So then would air sickness be "aeropathia"?

    Marvin D Wilson

  4. That's a good one. What do you call someone who gets violently nauseated from bad home movies and those "shaky camera" movies/tv shows? Because that's what I am.

  5. Chris, Karen and Elizabeth: Thank you! I'm glad you like these WEIRD words!

    Marvin: Oh I love a challenge! Your comment prompted me to investigate. Apparently, it's just called air sickness; however, there is a word: kinetosis, which basically covers the various types of motion sickness...therefore I assume that naupathia would then be a form of kinetosis. So...

    Alan: I think you could safely say that you have kinetosis. It not only covers the motion sicknessess, but also the nausea brought on by these conditions. :)

  6. Luckily I do not suffer from naupathia; but I love the word! Thanks for these Wednesday posts, Crystal, they're really fun.


  7. I am so happy to hear that you like the Wednesday Word feature! I figure after the (somtimes) intensity of Techie Tuesday's venture into grammar, this offers a nice reprise before testing you with the challenges on Thursday and Friday!

  8. Okay, now I need to learn its pronunciation!

  9. Diane (and anyone else...) You pronounce this word: naw-pay-thee-ah.


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