Saturday, October 10, 2009

And The Award Goes To....

I recently met a delightful person who authors the blog, A Blonde Ambition. Leslie is just a delight, and her blog is somewhat of a menagerie. Actually her button, which is now displayed on my sidebar, says it all, "Simply Having More Fun."


I decided to put up a special Saturday post simply to pass on the Blogsphere Award to Leslie. She is fairly new to the blogging world, and I felt that the Blogosphere Award fit so well, as its purpose is to acknowledge the unity of all of us who blog and celebrate the diversity of the different blogs out there!

Please stop by her blog and take a look around! It's different, unique and like a breath of fresh air!


  1. Crystal, first I think it's wonderful that you created such an all-encompassing and original award. What a great sentiment to want to express the unity of the blogging community!

    And Congratulations to the young lady who is its recipient!

  2. I'm sure the person you're handing this on to is very deserving. Anyone who can put together a blog deserves an award - period! I had a heck of a time figuring out how to be able to visit your page and leave comments. I figure at my age and not understanding today's technology very well, I did pretty good!

    I have to say that I'm real impressed. Your little page here is real nice, and the sentiment behind this award you created is so like you.

    I hope your wish comes true, that every blog someday has one of these.

  3. Gotta love anyone who calls their blog Blonde Ambition.

  4. Thanks SO much for the award and the post! You are so sweet for thinking of me. I'm so honored to get this : )

    I can't wait to get this posted on my blog! Have a great weekend and thanks again!

  5. Thanks to Marvin and Diane for checking out Leslie's site...

    Angel and Roger: I appreciate your support and the compliments. Thank you so much!

    Chris: Right?? LOL!

    Leslie - you are SO welcome! Your site is just so "inviting," and it makes me happy to spread a little HAPPY!


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