Friday, October 2, 2009

Spelling Challenge

Fun Friday

Not only is it already October (what happened to SUMMER?), it's also already time to once again test your spelling skills! Along with the change of season, as you no doubt noticed in the header, I've changed the name of the weekly "Misspelled Words" feature to "FUN FRIDAY'S SPELLING CHALLENGE!" are today's words. The answers are below, and of course you know...



1. annoint, annoynt, anoint

2. camouflage, cammoflage, camoflauge

3. deterrance, deterrence, deterence

4. explaination, explanaition, explanation

5. hypocresy, hypocrisy, hypocracy

6. nauseous, nauseus, naucious

7. putrify, putrefy, putrefie

8. subpoena, subpena, supoena

9. tariff, tarriff, tarrif

10. eukalale, ukulele, ukalele


onometopia, onomatopoeia, onomatopoea

Remember, if spell the first ten words correctly,
you get a GOLD STAR!

Gold Star

If you spell the bonus word correctly, you get the prized, very special and much coveted
Crystal Clear Proofing PURPLE STAR!

Purple Star

AND...if you spell the ten words AND the bonus word correctly,
then you get a GOLD STAR and a PURPLE STAR!

Now THAT'S not only exciting, but one heck of an incentive, right?
(Just agree with me, it's Friday...)


1 anoint
2. camouflage
3 deterrence
4. explanation
5. hypocrisy
6. nauseous
7. putrefy
8. subpoena
9. tariff


(For the definition of today's bonus word just click

NEW FEATURES COMING TO CRYSTAL CLEAR PROOFING: In addition to differences between words, which word to use when...(otherwise known as the "techie posts"), and Fun Friday's Spelling Challenge, I'm tossing around some ideas for other posts; for example, one may have to do with words that are uncommon and you don't hear or use often - such as today's bonus word.

Another idea is to write a one or two paragraph story, complete with a few errors, and your challenge would be to find them!

I'll be working out the details and considering different options over the next few days. If any of you have any ideas or things you'd like to see here, please - by all means mention them! In the meantime...

Enjoy your weekend - and remember to SMILE!
It not only lights up your face, but shines upon those you share it with!
It's an easy way to spread some HAPPY - and it just makes you feel GOOD!

Winking Smiley


  1. Thanks for the fun test, Crystal. I missed two! Looks like I'll be spending the weekend in my room, studying.

  2. Alan: Well, the good thing is, at least I'm posting some challenging words! Can't make it TOO easy on you! :)

  3. Kudos to me, I got them all. I'm sure it was just luck, but thanks for letting me give myself a small pat on the back!


  4. Ok this time I got the bonus word right - actually had just looked that one up recently whilst doing some editing (wink) so it was fresh, BUT! - missed "ukulele" - sheesh - and I'm a musician!? lol

    The new feature ideas sound cool. Keep it coming, and stay in touch!

    The Old Silly

  5. Elspeth: MAJOR KUDOS to you! And aren't you excited to get both the gold AND purple stars? LOL! I appreciate you following, and thanks for participating!

    Marvin: I'm impressed! And you get the coveted PURPLE star! WOO HOO! (wink!) Thanks for the input on the new features! A couple of people have provided some great ideas for posts!

  6. This is great, I like the new Fun Friday challenge! Both posts ideas sound good to me. The words not always used and a paragraph or so to edit would be good practice. Have a happy Friday!! ;-) Great blog too, glad to have found you on blogger!

  7. Thanks Shauna! I appreciate you following, stopping by, and the feedback! Happy to have found you on Blogger as well! :)

  8. Another great set of words. I missed putrefy of all things but I did get the bonus word right.


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