Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday's Weird Word

Wednesday's Word

Wednesday's Word will be a weekly feature wherein I'll introduce a not-very-common and/or not-frequently-used word.

Today's Wednesday's Word is: SPRINGAL.

Springal is a noun meaning: a strong, young boy; an active, springy young man.

The farmer decided to hire a springal from the nearby village to help harvest his crops.

Try using SPRINGAL in conversations and see the response you get! Have fun with it! See you back next Wednesday for another new, weird word!

Note: The source for many of the words I'll be featuring can be found at Luciferous Logolepsy. They are so obscure, I was actually unable to find some of them at a couple of common online dictionary references, such as The Free


  1. I'm hoping your surgery goes well today, Crystal, and that you'll soon feel as chipper as a springal!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Great word. It has a medieval feel to it and I may have to use it in a story.

    Our thoughts are with you today, my dear friend. Speedy recovery.

  3. New one on The Old Silly!

    Will pray for a fully successful and speedily recovered from surgery for you, Crystal. Now - who can I find to talk to and try this springal word on? ;)

  4. My thoughts are with you today. Recover quickly. Excellent word.



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