Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday's Word

Wednesday's Word

Welcome to this week's edition of Wednesday's Word, where you'll learn an obsure, not-very-common and/or not-frequently used word.

Today's Wednesday's Word is: OBDORMITION.

Obdormition is a noun and it's description is: numbness or 'going to sleep' of a limb, etc.

We've all been the victims of obdormition! So next time your leg goes numb after all those hours at the computer, try using today's new word and let someone know that obdormition is SUCH an inconvenience! (It can even be dangerous! I've actually landed on the floor as a result of not knowing I had obdormition in one of my legs, or feet...)

Okay, have fun with that, and see you back next Wednesday for another new, weird word! LOL!!

Note: The source for many of the words I'll be featuring can be found at Luciferous Logolepsy. They are so obscure, I was actually unable to find some of them at a couple of common online dictionary references, such as The Free


  1. OBDORMITION would be a great book title!

  2. LOL! It would, wouldn't it? Mmmm...and the possibilites of what the storyline would be are itriguing!

  3. Wonderful word! I shall use it the next time my brain freezes instead of saying "writer's block".


  4. Elpeth: Hey I like that! I never thought of using it for brain freeze! Good one!


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