Monday, October 19, 2009

Ember in Wrilogonzia - A Blog Opera - Part II

Monday Menagerie

Today I'm proud to feature the second installment of CC-Chronicles's Blog Opera: Ember in Wrilogonzia.
You can read what a blog opera is, learn how to participate, and begin the exciting journey by reading
"The Beginning" on CC-Chronicles's blog, or simply clicking: Ember in Wrilogonzia or The Beginning.

And so, the journey continues:


As they frantically attempt to outrun the Gattaca Security, Ember stumbles and falls, her vision still rather blurred. As she attempts to get up, she finds herself face-to-face with a strange, yet oddly adorable! As Cassini cries out, "A Komosny!", it stares back at her, and recovering first, tells her she had better hurry and get up! Too stunned and frantic to care at the moment, she does as the creature tells her as he promptly jumps on her shoulder.

After maintaining a frantic pace, they have enough of a lead to stop, catch their breaths and decide what to do. The Komosny is chattering away and they all stop and look at him. Noticing their scrutiny, he first introduces himself as Perhluna, and explains that he was going over coordinates, explaining that he is familiar with this territory as the Komosny dwell in these parts. He tells them that if they take the curve of the path they're currently on, which goes to the left, they will come upon the Mystik Falls, which are magical and may very well be their only hope of escape. Outside of the fact that it is quite a distance and they will be lucky just to outrun Gattaca Security, there is, however, one small "detail," if you will.

When three pair of questioning and doubtful eyes fall upon him, he begins to stutter with nervousness until Ember tries to quiet him by soothingly petting him. As he calms down, Jerome asks in a skeptical tone, "just what is this 'detail' exactly?"

Hearing the approach of those chasing them, Perhluna quickly explains how those who come upon Mystik Falls will escape the constant threat of Gattaca Security by entering the neutral village of Komosnia, origin and home of the Komosny. However, in order to gain entry, those wishing it must take the form of the Komosny. Jerome and Cassini start moving quickly, uttering statements about not having much choice! If Gattaca gets their hands on them, they'll never get away!

As they're running along the path, noticeably hindered by the fact that Cassini is having to push Jerome's wheelchair, something occurs to Jerome and he asks Perhluna, "In Komosnia, will I be able to walk?" Perhluna answers that of course he will, however it will be on four legs!

Ember notices that her companions are not at all in the state of shock and disbelief she now finds herself. They readily accept this information and proceed in the direction that Perhluna instructed. Well, she thinks to herself, why should any of this seem odd? I mean really, I have a talking critter, or Komosny named Perhluna on my shoulder, I'm with - sorry, but that sure looks like Jude Law and another woman who greatly resembles Uma Thurman, I'm in a strange place being chased by what I assume are people or creatures of some sort called Gattaca Security, AND in I'm heading for a village where I will assume the form of a four-legged furry critter!

Trying desperately not to panic, she comes to the conclusion that the only thing at this point that makes any sense at all, is quite simply that she is dreaming. After all, the last thing SHE remembers is having been blogging at her computer....

That's IT! Her computer! A thought occurs to her, and as they're running desperately for Mystik Falls, they can hear their pursuers gaining on them. She mentally pictures herself at her computer, looks at the keyboard and hits the FIND button. Not knowing if she should try Mystik Falls or Komosnia, as she is going to have to guess at the spelling regardless, she begins typing and as the sounds of their pursuers grow nearer, she frantically hits the enter key. Immediately, everything begins to swim around them.

Imagine her shock and dismay when things come back into focus...



  1. I've got the next installment of Ember. I'll be posting it tomorrow at

  2. I missed the first one, but will be following now!

  3. Anna: Thanks for providing the link for everyone!

    Diane: You can catch Part I - The Beginning on Chris's blog! Just click on one of the green links at the beginning of this post!

  4. Excellent! You leave us on the edge of our seat wondering where she will end up next.

  5. CC: YEAH! I'm so excited to see what happens tomorrow! WOO HOO!

  6. This is VERY good writing. Love cliff-hanger chapter endings. Thanks for the link, too!

    The Old Silly

  7. Marvin: WOW! Gee, thanks for the compliment! Means a lot coming from The Old Silly himself! You made my day! :)

  8. I posted some drawings I did this weekend on the original post and they will be posted on Ember's Facebook Fan page. Hope to have a button made soon.

  9. Great place to leave off!

    I LOVE the term 'blog opera.' I'm going to have to click over on that link. Thanks!

    Mystery Writing is Murder


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