Friday, October 9, 2009

Spelling Challenge

Fun Friday

Happy End of the Week! It's time once again for "Fun Friday's Spelling Challenge!" are today's words, with the answers below.

Also at the very end of this post are the words that were misspelled in yesterday's Thorough Thursday challenge.

Now remember...



1. acummulate, accumulate, acumulate

2. cartilage, cartiledge, cartiladge

3. diarama, dioroma, diorama

4. flaberghast, flabberghast, flabbergast

5. hankerchief, handerchief, handerchef

6. irascible, irrasible, irrascible

7. leutenent, lieutenant, lieutenent

8. misogany, misogyny, misogyni

9. rememberance, remembrence, remembrance

10. plentitude, plenitude, plenatude


sacrilegious, sacreligious, sacreligeous

As usual, for spelling all the words correctly
you get a GOLD star!

Gold Star

And, if you spelled the bonus word correctly
you get the prized, very special, and much coveted
Crystal Clear Proofing PURPLE star!
Purple Star

For spelling all the words, including the bonus word correctly
you get a GOLD and a PURPLE star!


1. accumulate
2. cartilage
3. diorama
4. flabbergast
5. handkerchief
6. irascible
7. lieutenant
8. misogyny
9. remembrance
10. plenitude



to those of you who earned stars!

Now, here's yesterday's Thorough Thursday post in its entirety, with the errors highlighted in red. (Oh my goodness, the dreaded red marks!)

Thorough Thursday is going to consist of a few short sentences that will include mispellings and possibly minor grammer issues to test your attentivness to detail, and to see how thorough you are.

In the first of this feature there are 14 words spelled incorrectley. It can be challanging to acomplish this task with readers posessing such exellent grammer skills. Each week, the mispelled words will be posted at the end of Fun Friday's Spelling Challange.

It will be fun to see whom recieves the best results and catches the most errors! Good luck, and check back tommorrow to see how you did!


So, how'd you do? Several of you left comments of having found 13 errors. The 14th was the use of whom, when who is correct. That was the only grammar error. I belief Elspeth may have gotten that one!

You all did very well! Between yesterday's and today's exercises, you all have worked so hard, so go and enjoy the rest of your day, and...

Have a HAPPY weekend!

Winking Smiley


  1. I probably didn't do as well on this spelling test, as several words were new to me!

  2. I missed yesterday, so I did the challenge this morning and got all the errors except for "whom." And now looking at it, it's so obvious!

    Today I got all the words, even the bonus one! So I get both stars, right?

    I like your challenges. They're a very creative way to help us test our skills and have fun too!

  3. Diane: A good way for you to learn new words to toss out to your husband! :>)

    Elizabeth: Congratulations on getting both stars!!

    Angel: I'm so happy to see you stop by! You did awesome on the challenges - and thanks so much for the compliment!

  4. I got both stars on the spelling - hip-hip-hooray! But I was guilty of not reading (or keeping in mind) the instructions fully on yesterday's challenge, so the only one I missed was the grammar error. I SAW it (the whom where it should be who), but was only searching and destroying the words spelled wrong. Sigh, how elusive perfection!

    The Old Silly

    ps - kudos to Elspeth - you GO,girl!

  5. Well my friend I did it! Signed up so I can follow your blog! I can see this is going to be very helpful with my (elusive) attempts at writing too! LOL! And I LOVE your page! Very nice!

    Now, I guess I have some work to do! I missed two of the words. :( Shoot, no stars for me, and on my first visit too!

  6. Marvin: Good Job! I'm so glad you got both stars this week! I know you don't like "second" place! (wink)

    Rayne: You are such a sweetheart! You made my day! And thanks for the compliment on my page! Practice up on your spelling! The posts on Thursday and Friday are Challenges, so get ready for next week! :>)

  7. Good job with your blog, Crystal. It's unique in that it's interactive and gives us a chance to test ourselves, and learn also! You've come up with some really creative ideas!

    Glad to offer my support, and looking forward to visiting often!

  8. Great words. I missed one but did get the bonus. Got all of the ones yesterday. Might have missed the Who/whom one if I hadn't read your earlier post. You rock!

  9. Both stars! Wonderful words, by the way. Use them all and you'd have a rather interesting story!


  10. Emma: Bless your heart. I truly appreciate the support, and the wonderful compliments. Thank you.

    Chris: YOU are paying attention! I used "whom" purposely since I had just posted "Who and "Whom" on "Techie Tuesday!" -- No, YOU rock! LOL!!

    Elspeth: Mega CONGRATULATIONS on both "Challenges!" YOU are awesome!! :>)

  11. This was so much fun! I absolutely can't wait to take more of these little quizzes. I'm such a nerd, but I used to love taking spelling tests in school : )

  12. Leslie how awesome of you to follow my blog! I hope to see you here a lot! Check out the sidebar, I've posted your button!


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