Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thoroughness Challenge

Thoroughly Thursday

Now this is on the honor system! No spending all day, printing it out, looking up words...
you have to complete the challenge here while reading.
Also, please keep the errors you find to yourself, rather than list them here within the post...
we don't want to "help" anyone else inadvertently! Thank you everyone!

Thorough Thursday
consists of a few short sentences that include mispellings and possibly minor grammer issues to test your attentivness to detail, and to see how thorough you are.

In the first of this feature there are 14 words spelled incorrectley. It can be challanging to acomplish this task with readers posessing such exellent grammer skills. Each week, the mispelled words will be posted at the end of Fun Friday's Spelling Challange.

It will be fun to see whom recieves the best results and finds the most errors! Good luck, and check back tommorrow to see how you did!

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  3. Marvin and Diane: I've deleted your comments - my bad! I've ammended the post asking those participating not to list the errors they find here in the comment section. We don't want to "help" others find them! Thanks - glad we're early birds and I was able to catch my oversight so early!! Hadn't thought of that aspect of this exercise!

  4. Man, you are good and subtle. I had to read through it three times but I found the fourteen words and maybe two grammar errors. Keep up the challenges. I love them. They help keep the blondness at bay. :)

  5. LOL Thanks Chris! But I'm PROUD TO BE BLONDE! You know, "Smart Blonde" is NOT an oxymoron!! :>)

  6. I think I found them all. (I think...) This fired up my brain nicely. Thanks!



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