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Overcome Your Obstacles!

Monday Menagerie

Today I'd like to inspire you with some very insightful and helpful tips, or keys in obtaining your goals, whatever they might be, with excerpts taken from a wonderful book entitled, Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK! by L. Diane Wolfe, whose blog Spunk on a Stick, familiar to many of you, is a very popular site wherein she offers tips and interesting posts six days per week.


Much attention has been given lately to her popular, Circle of Friends series of YA fiction books, with a couple of recent blog tours and book releases. However, her talent encompasses much more than just that wonderful series. Her non-fiction, motivational book is, quite literally, one that everyone should own.
PhotobucketOvercoming Obstacles is loaded with helpful, valuable information; I'm providing just a sampling of what can be found in this must-have book. Recently I've read a lot on blogs about writers getting "stuck;" in need of motivation. Well, this is a book you'll find yourself referring back to even after having read it cover to cover. The author touches on key elements, such as Attitude, People Skills, Self-Esteem, Overcoming Fears, Setting Goals and Working Together. Below are powerful paragraphs taken from the Setting Goals section of the book.

From Key 34 "Take Charge, Take Action"
The achievement of goals is not a passive occurrence. Action is required. Change is necessary. Our attitude needs adjusting. We cannot sit back and wait for circumstances and events to align perfectly. We need to take the bull by the horns and actively pursue our dreams.

However, most of us do not need to radically revamp our world. An exciting new dream might inspire us to instigate many changes in hopes of attaining (our) goal. Adjustments will indeed be necessary as we alter our path and cast aside distractions and obstacles. Troubles arise when we attempt to change everything at once and then feel overwhelmed by the scope of such a transformation. Sooner or later, we feel tempted to quit. Remember to take small steps and build on these minor victories and changes. Make small adjustments and work gradually toward the goal rather than attempt one giant leap.

From Key 35 "Making it All Work"
The journey toward our goals can appear quite overwhelming at times! We struggle with the best approach, fight to continue moving forward, and feel frustrated when things go wrong. This is why short-term goals and a simple method for organizing are so important. They act as building blocks for keeping us on the path.
A unique method developed by author p.m. terrell follows "with a unique method to tackle these problems."

From Key 36 "When the Goal Becomes Fuzzy"
There will be moments during our quest when the goal loses clarity. Obstacles will loom on every side, critics will condemn our attempts, and those following our lead will question our decisions. What appeared so clear when we first began grows fuzzy, and we wonder if we'll ever reach our destination.

"...Intense desire...will ultimately see us through to victory. Passion will drive our spirit to do whatever it takes to succeed. A cause ignites our soul and no force on earth is more powerful than a person burning with a dream. If we can hold on to that inspiration even when times grow tough, no obstacle will prevent our success. The only real failure is if we fail to try.

What dream resides within you? Are you willing to pursue a goal with passion and purpose? Set a goal and light a fire in your spirit so bright that the entire world with come watch you burn!


In addition to being highly motivational, Overcoming Obstacles With Spunk! also provides an "In a nutshell" portion at the end of each section, making future references to the book even easier. Whether you grab it to re-read a chapter or just to take a glimpse at those nutshells, you'll find this to be an indispensible book. We all get "stuck," question the path we're on, have doubts, fears and insecurities. And not just in our professional lives and careers. This is a book that you'll find helpful with everyday life and the challenges we all face. I refer to it often and it always offers reinforcement, encouragement and ways to Overcome Obstacles - with Spunk!

Taken from the back cover of her book:
A professional speaker trained in a top motivation education system, Wolfe helps readers develop passion, confidence and an image of success...."With a positive attitude, any goal can be achieved."

You can find Diane, or Spunky, online at:
Spunk On a Stick
The Circle of Friends
Spunk on a Stick's Tips Blog

Her books can be purchased online or directly from the publisher, Dancing Lemur Press, LLC.

Book V-Heather: Coming March 2010!

Or...if you're fortunate enough to attend one of her book signings or events! :)



  1. Diane is a true dynamo! Thanks for featuring her today...she's always inspirational.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Oh, thank you, Crystal! What a delightful surprise!

  3. Diane is an inspiration and I can also vouch for this book. It's fabulous! I actually made myself flash cards with her "In a Nutshell" so I have a quick reference with me when I need a little extra motivation.

  4. Thanks for some motivating thoughts on a rainy Monday. This is certainly good advice for anyone, regardless of what career path they are following.


  5. Thanks for this, Diane and Crystal. When it come to overcoming obstacles, when Spunky talks, it behooves peeps to listen!

    Marvin D Wilson

  6. Thank you all for your comments on today's special Monday Menagerie feature.

    Elizabeth, a great word to describe Diane, she is indeed a "dynamo!"


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