Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spelling Challenge

Fun Friday

What happens to these weeks that I see out of the corner of my eye, literally flying by? Where do they go? Well, I managed to grab the last day as it was preparing to whiz by me, smoothed it out and placed a piece of it on this page. Because hard as it is to believe, it's once again time to test your skills with "Fun Friday's Spelling Challenge!" are today's words, with the answers below.

Also, same as that last week that flew on by, at the very end of this post are the words that were misspelled in yesterday's Thorough Thursday challenge.

Now remember...



1. abundence, abundense, abundance

2. amateur, amatuer, ameteur

3. boundries, boundaries, bounderies

4. changeable, changable, changeble

5. commission, comission, commision

6. disasterous, disasterus, disastrous

7. embarass, embarrass, embarress

8. hemmorrage, hemorrage, hemorrhage

9. governor, govenor, govenor

10. millenium, milennium, millennium


mischevous, mischievous, mischieveous

As usual, for spelling all the words correctly
you get a GOLD star!

Gold Star

And, if you spelled the bonus word correctly
you get the prized, very special, and much coveted
Crystal Clear Proofing PURPLE star!
Purple Star

For spelling all the words, including the bonus word correctly
you get a GOLD and a PURPLE star!


1. abundance
2. amateur
3. boundaries
4. changeable
5. commission
6. disastrous
7. embarrass
8. hemorrhage
9. governor
10. millennium



to those of you who earned stars!


Now, here's yesterday's Thorough Thursday post in its entirety, with the errors highlighted in red. (Oh my goodness, the dreaded red marks!) However in this post, and in the future, rather than just highlighting the incorrect word, I'll be highlighting it and replacing it with the correct word and/or spelling (as should have been done last week)!

It's hard to believe that summer is behind us. The absence of warm weather affects many people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and other joint ailments, yet can be a relief to those who suffer from allergies. There are fewer pollutants in the air, but the fluctuating barometric pressure results in aches and pains definitely being more prevalent. Suffering from osteoarthritis myself, I notice a tremendous change in the severity of joint stiffness.

It seems as though it's comparatively much easier to ease into summer than it is getting used to the colder weather. Our bodies acclimate to the change in climate much better; however, if you happen to suffer from them, nasal allergies do not. The pollination of so much flora, even the growing of the grass in the spring can wreck havoc on our bodies, causing post-nasal drip and itchy, watery eyes. Many find relief from allergies with over-the-counter medications, while some require prescription medication.

And then there's the whole process of changing the contents of your closet. The colder temperatures mean bringing out the heavier, warmer clothing. It's one of the things I miss about having lived in California where "closet rotation" isn't really necessary.


So, how'd you do? All the errors were spelling, with the exception of effects being used rather that affects, and wrack rather then wreck. This proves a good reminder to everyone that while spell check is a wonderful tool, it isn't going to help you when you use an incorrect word!

As usual, I hope that you all have a very...


Winking Smiley


  1. Another excellent week of challenges. I did miss one of the spelling words, but I got all the Thorough Thursday ones.

    Keep them coming!

  2. Pass me a gold and purple, and also thanks to taking a "little" more time than a "quick" once over, I did catch the effect thingy a second time through. (wink)

    Guess that's why I always go over ms's I'm editing 3X! lol

    The Old Silly

  3. Chris and Marvin: GOOD JOB!

    And Marvin that is TOO funny! I many times do a third edit also...and much to my chagrin there've been times I've found the simplest little thing! Not a BIG thing, mind you! Something OBVIOUS!

  4. These posts are such fine and a fine way to get my brain up and running. I get both stars. More coffee for me!


  5. Elspeth: YAY! Good job! You've got quite a collection of stars! LOL!

    And thanks, I'm glad you enjoy the "challenges!"

  6. Karen: Good for you with the spelling! I'm happy you like the "challenge."

    And you're very welcome about the Networked Blogs info! I'll be sure to sign up for your blog on there as well, and rate it also. Thank you for your rating!!


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